Depression and Serotonin

Please before watching these videos, please keep in mind that everyone’s personal situation is a UNIQUE scenario. Everyone has a UNIQUE medical background and UNIQUE living situation. This doesn’t mean that we don’t share some common scenarios, but I believe it’s important to not give a one-size-fits- all T-shirt to ‘Depression’.

It is my personal belief that low serotonin levels are behind depression, but I also believe there are other reasons why it can be low and other ways to raise it and that people DO need to be properly informed before making a decision about taking medications.

With my background, I had more people respond to exercise, Omega 3s, drinking more water and proper diet and sleep…not to mention counseling both therapists and spiritual guides. This does NOT mean some people don’t require medication. I just think people need to be informed and most certainly not misinformed or led astray. I have personally been on them. I have myself been through depression leading to suicidal tendencies.

By the way, exercise is not the devil. Lol It’s not going to hurt you even if you are on medication. I don’t like that there seems to have to be a choice between meds and exercise. I am ‘mildly’ annoyed by the interviewer although I do understand someone has to play devil’s advocate to represent the general public’s questions.

I do hope that if you are on medication for depression, that you felt like you were;

* properly informed on all options for your mental well-being* not just looked at in a Doctor’s office and given a diagnosis like ‘chemical imbalance’ and written a prescription on the first visit.

If you are considering medication for Depression, I hope that you are;
* currently getting some kind of exercise
* seeing a counselor or other professional
* taking an Omega 3 supplement
* getting the proper amount of sleep
* seeking nutritional advice

Something that doesn’t get talked enough about with Depression too is the need to reach out.

Friends are the most underrated part of getting through it. Simply reaching out to someone who will be a good listener is SO helpful. You see, we aren’t alone in it, otherwise there wouldn’t be billions of dollars pouring into the medical industry, but we FEEL alone.

For example in this community, I have heard dozens of stories of people reaching out to someone else on here and it has made a huge difference in their life. This is why I tell everyone that I have THE coolest friends EVER! For some reason, we are finding each other here. That just ROCKS!


Much love on ya!
Karen :)

“A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.” ~ Arnold H. Glasow

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  1. Freaking cool...still looking for older blogs by you....( I don't wanna be a downer ...But I wanted to read somethink you wrote awhile back, I am at a low piont, I "quit" point ..so I been spending my time sorting my pros with cons cuz that's pretty much all there is..LOL~ I laugh at the insantiy of it all really...I wanna say I am ok but I am not there yet..I need to sort and I don't lie so..I just need time to sort out..sure I bumped into a friend who said she came down to see how I was, it was a nice thought, But I couldn't take it in..I have my reasons ( ok I took the hug and told her To tell my other friends I am workin on stuff) I need space and sincerty with out the half ass-ness.. So I am alone, I don't wanna burden anyone...I did a shout out cuz I am scared and I meant it last night~ I am ok I am sortin my pros with cons..Love to You ~!