Hey guys! Just wanted to clear up some emails/questions. Here's what is going on;

*Next STEVER CD 'Idiot Savant'; working on it! (plus sewing wardrobe, crafts for it)

*'Idiot Savant' -the book; ...over time... lol

*Jammit; man is that gonna blow up. BIG things happening! (finally approved by Apple, website coming)

*thepublicrecord.com; new website looks killer, can't wait to share it with you so you can all start hosting your own music/art projects!

*The Public Playground song; adding to Itunes- at their discretion when it will be for sale so we can raise money for our Charity!

*The Public Playground Video; All the files are in one spot after my big move and we are putting it together. To the 100 people who participated; you guys look smashing!

*Sloppy; is having an epic day every day. ;) I am loving life.

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