Depression; The Real Enemy

I was thinking about how important sticking together is and how easy it is to turn on each other inside our own relationships. We can lose sight of why we are together and what we are fighting for because our own depression, anger and frustration of everyday life can get to us.

Today I not only plan on reflecting on past and present warriors, but I am going to use the day to see how I can be of help in repairing a few broken relationships that are going on around me. I am involved in several business relationships as well where I am seeing people turn on each other. We can easily forget the common goal!

I think most of us are well past the need to be right in an argument. I think most people would feel satisfied in just being heard! I think the key to fixing these broken relationships is not making big statements about who is right or wrong, but just allowing the other person to speak and be heard. Our partners and families are not the enemy. Our partner or spouse should be like a soldier on the same team. When did it get to the point where the person we marry or are living with became the enemy?

Part of today’s reflection for me is taking a good hard look in the mirror. Am I doing everything I can to listen to people around me? Am I reserving judgment and striving to be a better listener? Are the people I claim to love and have committed to on my team or am I treating them like the enemy?

I am trying to be conscious of who or what the enemy is. This is not to say real enemies aren’t out there. It’s like we can’t win the battle within ourselves and we can’t win the battle inside our family. But the truth is, we shouldn’t be battling our own forces. Within the home, there should be no enemies. There are problems, yes…but a spouse is not supposed to be an enemy.

But my biggest demon I have had to fight off is Depression. I feel like I have beaten it for the most part now, but Depression above all else can make us dream up enemies that don’t even exist. Depression like a bad acid trip can put demonic faces on those closest to us when we look at them. Depression can change our focus from seeking out life’s most fulfilling avenues to causing us to wish people dead. Depression can make us turn on one another. Depression can lead to hating others but most of all hating ourselves. We can finally view our own reflection as the enemy.

And then, crazy as it seems; Depression can cause a sad person to think anger is an accomplishment in a day.

It takes some time to identify the enemy. I think once we realize it is our own depression, anger and frustration, we can come up with a better game plan.

Much love and hugs on all of you!
Karen :)

"The trick to problem solving is to go to the root, i.e. to find the actual cause." ~Brahma Kumaris

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