Pouring More Gas on the Inferno

It’s not a topic I would usually touch on because it can get too heated. I don’t mean for it to become that, I am striving for more peace in my day.

The shootings at Fort Hood were beyond horrific. I don’t even know if there is a word for it. I am praying for the families and people who were involved, but I am also mindful of how something like this can affect the hearts and minds of the rest of us in other states and other countries. It can cause much bitterness and anger. If you are angry, you are allowed to be, I am not about taking a person’s emotions from them. Everyone grieves how they grieve. If someone is angry, they emote. I do understand that and all of my sympathy is there.

When you hear about the role of women in uniform (both military and the police force) there is a tendency to have a few opinions and many are divisive. There are the dinosaur ones that believe there is no place for women there and then there is the extreme side where people can build a wall and become defensive in an excessive way to defend the role of women. I’m not in between those, I am actually neither.

I am a believer that each person should do the job they are good at and they should be allowed to choose, yet prove that position. I don’t see gender, sexual orientation or religion (although obstacles for many) as a reason why someone should or shouldn’t hold a position.

What I am trying to remind myself in this Fort Hood situation is to be careful of judgment based on those three areas. The woman who stopped the rampage by putting 4 holes in the shooter did her job. She did something heroic. Is she the best police officer on her force? I don’t know, but she did the best job she could in her position. The situation came up, she was in a unique place with a courageous mindset and skill to be able to put an end to it. I refuse to submit to the theory that because she was a woman, she outsmarted, outwitted or outranked people around her. I don’t like using stories like this to bash men. That would be a slap in the face to everyone else who was trained and skilled also, but not in a unique position to be able to end it. This doesn’t mean what she did can’t benefit the Woman’s Movement, I just don’t want it to end in generalizations and male-bashing.

My attention with her is more about praying for her heart to heal from this as all reports suggest she is very upset by the losses (bless her heart). So are many others, both genders, orientations and color/religions. Her broken heart is a reminder to the rest of us that while she did do something heroic, she doesn’t enjoy it, it’s upsetting but it’s her job.

On the flipside; it is my strong opinion that even if this shooter was politically-motivated, it’s very important not to conclude this is a Muslim trait. I have so many wonderful Muslim friends who are very upset by his actions and are frightened of the repercussions on their communities. It’s so super convenient to think because this man was Muslim, that all Muslims are like this or that it’s a Muslim thing to do.

Clearly, there is a story…but I feel the story should be focused on the actions of ‘INDIVIDUALS’ not communities or genders. The country needs to run on law, not prejudice. I believe we should react with love for those who need it not join the hate groups to seek out vigilante justice.

Even though I fundamentally understand what that means, I know we are all capable of allowing our own baggage and prejudices to enter into stories like this. I am trying not to indulge in that. While we think it’s a harmless story around the water cooler, there are families around us who have to add locks to their doors so Supremacist groups don’t come looking for them because this shooter has a Muslim name. There are police officers, army personnel and their families who are mourning the loss of their friends.

I just don’t think we have time to do anything that adds to the negativity and I don’t think it’s even appropriate to make large generalizations.

I am very open to suggestions from both the Military families and the Muslim community on what I can do here to help in a practical sense. This isn’t because it’s a passion of mine, but partially because I worry about more hate spreading. If you can help in those communities, even if it means sending notes of love and prayers somewhere, I would hope you would also.

Much love on all of you!
Karen :)

"Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding." ~Gandhi

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  1. Everyone knows that a bit bull will eventually turn on the hand that feeds him.

    As far as I'm concerned. A bit bull = Muslims

    If you want to be friends with a pit bull.
    Then suffer the conseqences.

    As for me. I would like to see them outlawed.