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This is something I posted in the forums at thepublicrecord.com/Stever site. For those of you who weren’t following, basically it’s concerning the release of Tommy Lee’s new record that came out yesterday. The people who are credited on it didn’t find out until yesterday and there was mixed reaction to either seeing the names in the credits or not seeing them. This was my response;

Hi guys, just wanted to chime in on the MOM Release!

Congrats to Tommy and everyone who is on the release. It’s a great day! But, I wanted to give my deeper thoughts on why it’s a great day.

Over a year ago, Scott came up with this amazing idea, but it was more than an idea he had…it was an opportunity he wanted to extend to all of you. You may have seen a video way back when where he felt nothing online was “truly interactive”. I believe Scott wanted to bridge the gap and shrink the hierarchy. It’s a very good day for Scott because he is seeing TPR’s first major release, but I believe he is very proud of the community as a whole.

This is not a shallow singing contest constructed by a bunch of men in suits, this is a concept sprung from the mind of a guy who worked like mad to build his way up in the music industry and understood how difficult it is for musicians everywhere. He more than anyone knows the industry with all of its ups and downs.

For me personally, I have been at music long enough to know the reason to do things is to make the most out of your day. You try things and move on…allowing the greater purpose to guide you and not get wrapped up in what could have been. People who do well often move forward and may even miss the rewards because they are so busy moving!!

For those of you on the release; this is your opportunity to use your credits to promote the community here. It would be the best thing you could give back! This whole site is working because we view it as a community.

For those of you who have emailed me feeling disappointment from not seeing your name on the credits, I want to share a bit of advice in the hopes that you will keep your love for music alive! “This is a Public Playground and WE’RE allowed to be here. This is OUR time. This is OUR space.” As the lyric suggests. ;)

This is OUR community! View it as your home…these people are YOUR family. I hope every single member will view our first release as being good for the WHOLE community! When one of us moves forward, we all move forward. I still believe music is going to be the most powerful weapon to turn this world around. Music is a gift, music is a tool to draw people closer …I hope we can keep reminding ourselves of this!

We ARE a community…we are NOT that shallow contest. This IS about everyone. Let’s keep Scott’s vision for the site alive!

Karen :)

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