It is Lonely Being Right!

You may have seen in my kitty section, there is a picture of Tabby who is a feral I've seen in the back parking lot behind my apartment building. Unfortunately, he is far too wild to let anyone near him. In the last year or so a kitten who looks pretty much identical to him has been hanging around. They are so indistinguishable from each other that I think it’s a family member. Together, they secured the back lot and it’s one of the only parking lots I have seen in Los Angeles where there are only two cats. (Right now I think the statistics are 4 million strays in LA, so make sure you adopt and spay/neuter)

I have seen other cats come in and these Tabbies have driven them out. I have never seen them fight with each other up until recently though. The original Tabby is one that Filthy would fight with (the stray that I had for 3 years who I lost last year) Well, after this fight finally happened between the two, the younger one has now driven the older one out. I did see the older Tabby up on a rooftop last week not looking too good, so in looking back I wonder if Filthy was getting sick and that is why he was also driven out. Cats quite often get more defensive and ornery when they are sick.

Well obviously this happens in nature, although not for one minute do I believe these outdoor cats are part of the wild animal kingdom, that’s just society screwing something up. Whatever the reason, there is one kitty left to sun himself back there. I didn’t see him today because it was raining in LA, but after the fight happened, he seemed to enjoy his kingdom for a time but he grew a bit bored and dare I say lonely. (it’s an odd trait to give to cats who are so independent) The leaf blower came out earlier in the week and he took off scared.

How many times do we do this? I am known to become crabby when I don’t feel good. I know it’s not a perfect parallel, but some things just spur a few thoughts from me. So many times we have to feel like we are right and we drive people away from us out of principle. Sure, we have the space to ourselves, bask in the sun. But the cats looked happier and formed a better team when they were together. (I know, I know…it’s just how it goes) Do we become any happier when we are right and alone? Are we driving other people out because they are no good to us anymore? Do we discard them because they are sick, sad, lonely, depressed or low on the totem pole?

We have the capacity to cut each other some slack and get over ourselves. As people with the capability to show love and compassion, why are we so consumed with marking our territory over being inclusive and loving? Sure, that may be our instinct to survive and protect our own interests as well, but I personally want more out of my life than mere survival.

Much love on ya!
Karen :)

"There is nothing in the world more stubborn than a corpse: you can hit it, you can knock it to pieces, but you cannot convince it." ~Alexander Herzen

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  1. I'd say this goes hand in hand with Einstein's statement that "Intelligence equals loneliness", because you can be "Right" all day, but it doesn't mean you'll have many friends or love with such a state of megalomania. Sometimes you have to appreciate and learn from another's ideas rather than respond with criticism or ridicule :-)