International Ass-Kicking Weekend!

Our friend Larry and I were talking about starting a petition to make this a National Holiday (we’ll start there, then attempt to make it International) :)
We were discussing how hard we can be on ourselves. It’s kinda crazy how we beat ourselves up emotionally and kick our asses from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed and it even affects our dream sequences.

This isn’t the kind of ass-kicking where you go to the gym, go running or get yourself motivated. This is the kind where you begin tearing down your body and soul. Most people know it as Depression and we tend to do it very gradually over a period of time. My Doctor described Depression as water emptying from a bath tub. You notice it going down over time, you don’t worry too much because there is still some water, but at the end, it drains really quickly and you can’t get the plug in fast enough.

Larry expressed it as "ruthless self-analysis" which if you are generally happy and functional is ok to do to better oneself, but when it makes you feel like you were beat up in an alley, there’s a large problem. So, we decided it might be good just to designate a weekend to this ruthless self-analysis. It might be good to all go away just for the weekend with the intent of kicking our ass good and hard, feel perfectly sorry for ourselves, cry if we need to, flail around a lot, mope if needed and then leave it there.

Now obviously, what I got from this was a good little laugh. Depression is not to be taken lightly I know, but laugh we must, ‘cause geeze…life is funny, really…

Basically you take all the basic steps (like you see in the grieving process) and just do it as efficiently as you can and hyper speed the healing. ;) I think any of us who have been through Depression are very familiar with what we're going through, it's just trying to get a hold of it!
Hope you are having a good laugh…put on a good comedy if you need to!

Much love on yas!!!
Karen :)

"A sense of humor is a major defense against minor troubles." ~Mignon McLaughlin

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