...there she was sitting in my chair, green scales and all.

"Many people die with their music still in them. Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it, time runs out." ~Oliver Wendell Holmes
I received this quote from our friend Tom on here. I was thinking back to when I worked as a stylist in a hair salon. Bridezilla day could have been one of my favorite days to work because I used to love doing these immaculate up-do styles. As it turned out, every stylist I knew would cringe if they had to do a wedding party. These Monster Brides would suck the life out of us and make us contemplate using our own razors against us. The idea of stabbing my scissors into my temple seemed more appealing than having to deal with the emotional trauma of making sure she left there happy. You pretty much need a psychology degree and a bottle of scotch to accompany your skills.

They would come in a few weeks before and have a trial hair-do. I always recommended it. That way there would be no surprises and I assured them their style would be identically duplicated.

The day would come, she’d fly in late in a massive rage, demand coffee, re-set the air conditioner in the shop, tell other stylists not to use certain sprays within 100 feet of her…you know, just demanding. Two weeks before she would assure me she was calm as a cucumber, would spew off about how she would never be a Bridezilla…and yet there she was sitting in my chair, green scales and all.

The nice thing about there being a Wedding Day, is because it’s a deadline. You can feel good knowing the stomach acid that has been eating out the walls of your gut will subside when it’s over. But many people live with this churning indefinitely…getting ready to live. People freak out on a daily basis in preparation for something that never comes!

It ties into many of the topics I have covered lately about ‘having an idea’ VS ‘doing something about it’. It seems safer to anticipate with anxiety our whole lives than make our ‘Right now’ the ‘Big Day’.

Are you continuously anticipating something in the future?

Is the music, art, love and excitement buried beneath it all dying from suffocation?

What tools do you need to do it?

Are you looking for the tools outside of yourself?

Life is happening right now.

Much love on ya,
Karen :)

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  1. music is one Zoned Area I can tune into and exspess my emtions safely...and grow there... Pople judge me cuz I am slow...I am not slow I am Growing~!!! Love to ya Karen~!!