Action is the Antidote to Despair

Before reading this, I hope you will understand that I get many questions about dealing with Depression NOT because I am an expert. I get questions because I am in the seemingly successful process of pulling out from it.

Nothing I ever say on here has a title after my name and should not be a replacement for seeking professional help. I just am sharing what works for me and really, this is a broad stroke.

This is my response to one of our friends on here. I invite you to add your thoughts if you are also seeing success.

I don’t name names, but the basic background is he is someone who battles depression, has an artistic side with creative aspirations but faces hurdles with location, money etc. He’s also dealing with a divorce and unemployment. At the end of his email where he asked for advice he said, "im just so tired of feeling like im not "living" my life, that im just here goin from 1 day to the next without any purpose..."

Here is my response;

No worries, I have felt all of that and some to spare, so I can relate.

To simplify some advice (only because I wished others would have given me less complicated advice)

1. Making lists. I still do them...I make them every night, leave them in the living room and go make my sleep sacred.

2. While I am at it, eat healthy and drink a lot of water. Making your body a sacred temple will gear up your brain to start thinking, same with running.

3. You mentioned purpose and not feeling like you had one? I confused the terms purpose and goals for years. They mean two different things, I realized. Having a purpose doesn't usually equate to making money...it means being open to where you are needed. Having goals I feel is back to the lists I mentioned. The thing you want to accomplish.

4. Separate the days from your life. In other words, only try and accomplish what you need to today, make a list at bedtime what you will accomplish tomorrow and worry about tomorrow tomorrow.

5. Showers; I am sure my water bill went up during depression. They saved my life and at times I took many in the same day. lol

6. Passion vs Work; I quit putting pressure on my art to make me money. I did the jobs I had to to make a living and kept the art pure. Too many artistic people are falling into depression because they NEED the art to make them money. View it as being unfair to the art.

7. Learn computer skills while you aren't working. I believe America will get back on its feet by everyone starting their own business. If there are no jobs out there, you have to make one. Website design, flash animation, building apps etc are all the rock stars of this generation.

8. Forgive yourself. Beating yourself up, leaves you...well...defenseless.

I should add that any of those points can have substitutes for other things that a person is passionate about (ie web design is just an example) Some points assist with Depression while some points just keep your mind active in the meanwhile.

Karen :)

A quote I live by; "Action is the antidote to despair." ~Joan Baez

I also want to note that many people apologize for asking for help and advice and I encourage you to never feel like your mental health is a burden to anyone. People who love you and care about you will feel honored you came to them. :) There are some GREAT people on here who have helped me immensely!

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