"Never, Never, Never Give Up!"

The title to the blog is a quote by Winston Churchill. Oh!! Karen quoted someone, quel surprise! Understand, my usual love for philosophy is about dissecting an excerpt but in this case, it’s a bit difficult to. The word "unless" doesn’t come after it.

Granted, I don’t know if he walked out of the room or what happened after saying it, but with the amount of ‘nevers’ in the sentence and no word within the passage that leads me to believe there was an ‘unless’ coming, I’m going to go ahead and assume he really did mean NEVER! ;)

I’m also going to go ahead and dissect it anyways, ‘cause, uh…that’s what I do over here. :P

When I look back over time at my use of the word ‘unless’, I would say I wished I was at least that intelligent in my life to use it more. No, I was the classier type. I would go straight for, "Yeah, but…" lol!

"Yeah, but…" is two things to me. You are saying to the person, "I am going to barely acknowledge what you said. I’m going to be in such a hurry to get to the point which I already formulated in my head before you made your statement, so I’ll toss you out a non-confrontational ‘Yeah’ so you think I actually heard what you said." The second part ‘but’; "That’s my liaison straight into why I can’t do what you just said."

What if we entered a conversation by saying to ourselves, "I’m not going to use ‘Yeah, but…’. Instead, I’m going to look at a few other considerations instead.

*Does the person saying this to me have my best interest at heart OR want me dead?

If someone is sending you out into a fight knowing full well you will die (and is even setting you up for a fall) the phrase, "Never, Never, Never Give Up!" should probably be ignored. But if your spouse who loves you (or a friend) tells you, "Never, Never, Never Give Up!" it’s because they love you and want you to succeed at life. So why wouldn’t we just do what they say?

*Do I already have a solution to the problem or do I need the advice?

How many times have I entered a conversation being a know-it-all and yet I am busy actually giving up.

I have always been the type of person who would rather bang my head off the wall instead of take the advice of someone who cares about me. Seems reasonable, right? I became so used to confrontation in my relationship dialogue that when someone like my Doctor, Pastor or good friend would say, "Never, Never, Never Give Up!" I would confront them the same way I would in my bad relationships; with a "Yeah, but…that’s easier said than done."

I look back at that ridiculous statement. You know what? Of course!!! Of course it’s easier said than done. When has anything really worthwhile been easy? Or better yet, how can we make it easy? I think the Churchill quote is so amazing because it’s meant to be that easy. "Love One Another" equally as easy. "Just Do It!" Easy. I think our "Yeah, buts…" are causing the hurdle. I think we have many external factors in our life which are definitely complicated, but I think we add another 75% worth of obstacles when we over think it or look for reasons why not to.

Yeah, but…how would I ever continue to dissect life in this way if I don’t over think absolutely everything that I come across? Hahahahaha!!!! I guess I view philosophy as getting to the root of the problem rather than adding more weeds.

ROCK ON!!! (uncomplicated)
Karen :)

"Never, Never, Never Give Up!" ~Winston Churchill

I wouldn't dare add another quote, oh no…not in this blog…but count on me Yeah Butting myself to death in future ramblings. ;)

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