I Heard you Singing in the Shower

My shower singing is nothing like the music I normally write and record. I mean, I do come up with melodies in there if I happen to be working on something at the time but generally speaking, I’m whistling the Super Mario Brothers Theme Song, doing my Muppet Show impersonations with the beat box theme song under it or acting like the bad-ass announcer at the beginning of the A-Team TV show. This is just another way to wash the dirt from my soul. I will now make my semi-arrogant statement, pompously suggesting any of you will ask the question, "Can we get a recording of that?" The answer is; NO! NO WAY! lol!

Some days, it’s Mongolian Karkhiraa (that’s like throat chanting…hahaha) but today when I grabbed a shower, I decided I was a mixed choir (my baritone needs work) Do you know how ridiculous it is trying to do all the parts? Well, let’s say I do it for the silliness…nothing good can come of that. :)

After finishing my shower, I took the garbage out and ran into a neighbor who said, "I heard you singing in the shower from outside". Guess the old window in my shower should have muffled my surprise. Well, I knew it sounded awful, it’s not meant to be serious. I said, "Oh?" Then she says to me, "Yes, I think everyone heard it." THE END.

Well, I wasn’t expecting to be showered with compliments (pun absolutely intended) but I did walk away slightly stung. As I was walking back into my apartment, I closed the door, zipped my garbage container against the wall, flung myself on the sofa and laughed uncontrollably until tears poured down my face. I felt triumphant. This wasn’t the first time people have heard me louder than appropriate for my surroundings. :)

You see my triumph came from freedom. Freedom is where we feel like the winners. Freedom is where our soul can roam around our bodies and explore the world around us. I always thought freedom was back-packing across some random country, but I found it today in a different place. I made horrible noises in the shower and I didn’t once think of anyone around me. Call it inconsiderate if you must, but it wasn’t like that. I see it more like exorcising old demons (not in a pastoral smack of the forehead kind of way) but I was cleansing my poor brain that has more ideas than time and more thoughts than allocation in my head. My victory laugh was for me. Today I feel marks the end of a terrible long-term war that I have been waging against myself. I’m not saying the depression won’t ever come back, but I feel like the troops are definitely holding it at bay.

HA! I just had another revelation! I just wrote "my depression" and switched it to "the depression". I don’t want ownership of that beast anymore. ;)

GO SING HORRIBLY IN THE SHOWER! You know you want to…
Karen :)

"Every human has four endowments- self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom... the power to choose, to respond, to change." ~Stephen Covey

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