Half EMPTY or Half POISON?

It’s a whole new level of pessimism when you don’t even include Half FULL (suggesting water) into the question. It’s another level of doom and gloom when you choose EMPTY over POISON. (not recognising another option) Well, of course nobody would choose the POISON (unless they wanted to just put an end to it all), but it’s the fact that we get to the point of feeling content with just EMPTY as an option.

You ever hear someone say (I’ve heard myself say it) "I’d rather be alone than be with that son-of-a-"?

Now some people would absolutely have no problem living alone, but I mean for this to point out the people who didn’t initially want to be alone. They had their heart set on finding their soul mate, they tasted the poison of it and opted to just not have a partner. It is bitterness bred from be tainted.

I have spent many years being tainted by my poison. I wasn’t always a pessimistic person. After all, I grew up with my "I think I can, I think I can…" blaring in my brain. Somewhere along the way I was the ‘Little Engine Who Could But Didn’t See The Point’. (my novel title there may be a tad long to go to market)

Being surrounded by negative news and ultra negative people can launch us into a state of cynicism. It’s quite often the very people we make fun of and call names are the ones we are grabbing the damaging energy from. But what would happen if we rid ourselves of the negativity around us? Could our empty cup eventually be filled back up with the liquid that could assist us in replenishing our tired skin and dehydrated mind? And how do we get there?

Well, I may not be the best person to dispense that kind of advice because my rebuild took too many years in my opinion. I am the type to suggest never looking back, but I am also under the impression that our history can teach us a thing or two. As much as we’d love for others to learn from our own mistakes (especially our children) it would seem that the ‘slow and steady wins the race’ theme is probably the most stable way of doing it. Taking each day as it comes and tackling what you can when pulling out weeds from the garden can contribute to an empty glass that is ready to fill up again.

Now I wouldn’t suggest bringing your brain to a state of ‘clear’ necessarily as suggested by some because I think all of our memories shape us, but I do think empty should be viewed as a starting point, not a viable, settling option. Maybe it’s a better approach to ditch the poisonous influences which make us distrust everything around us. This could be the news station that is constantly on the TV in our homes. This could be the friends we invite over for dinner. This could be the extra minutes spent around the water cooler at work where gossip spreads like cancer.

It takes a renewed energy to look around us and see the beauty in it all. As a starting place, may I humbly suggest renting (or buying) the Planet Earth series (as well as Blue Planet). They are mind-restoring in my opinion. The News shows us bad news which can alter our headspace but I find revisiting this series is a good reminder of this amazing gift we were given. Do you ever see miles under the sea on the news? What about silk nests spun by birds in deep caves? Does the news show you a volcanic eruption that is simply shaping our earth or is it only if it’s catastrophic?

It is my sincere belief that we have the full capability of making our own glass completely full. But in my experience, I couldn’t expect it to happen overnight. My glass is just being left under a faucet which seems to drip one drop every hour. But I see it filling up and it feels pretty good. :)
At some point, I may have to find a bigger pot to gather more water…that seems to be far away right now, but I think it’s at least possible. ;)

Hope you have a GREAT day ahead!
Karen :)

"Many an optimist has become rich by buying out a pessimist." ~Robert G. Allen

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