My Soul is a Messy Painter

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“Dreams are illustrations...from the book your soul is writing about you.” ~Marsha Norman

What an interesting concept that my soul should be writing things about me while I sleep.

I am at a place where I feel highly connected to my soul. I like to think I am in touch with my spirit. I don’t mean it in some bizarre new-agey way, I mean I don’t feel a disconnect between what my soul wants and how things are going. There is an accordance and friendship between us.

But I have recurring dreams. There are a few people specifically who I haven’t seen in a long time and they have significant roles in the “book my soul is writing about me”.
The reason I find this quote so compelling is because it is saying “from the book your soul is writing ABOUT you” not the book your soul is writing TO you. For many years we all have had massive discussions about what our dreams are TELLING us. But Marsha’s quote has me thinking both deeply, yet in a more simple fashion.

My soul is busy writing ABOUT me. How exciting is this!! Think about it; your soul is writing while your sleep, illustrating while you rest. They involve our adrenaline and our energy yet allow us to take a break while they take over. I find this extraordinarily exciting because this means my soul is not satisfied with the level of creativity I am at in a day. It doesn’t bother to ask me for permission; it is taking the bull by the horns and writing my book. It wishes I could be more involved, but goes forward anyways. I think this is the reason why dreams often don’t make sense. The soul doesn’t deal in the realm of logic like our waking moments where the brain is involved, it simply goes off on its own tangent, not necessarily making any sense but moving forward with boundless energy.

When a child plays, they don’t really think logically, they react playfully. Our dreams do this too. The imagination goes off and plays, jumps rooms, buildings, time and space, universes perhaps.

This is a huge revelation for me. It means I don’t have wake up and decipher every moment and I don’t have to pull out every dream book to figure out what my dreams are TELLING me.

Like a little child, we can sit on a sofa and watch them play while we flip channels. Every so often, we intercept to add some order and logic but we can’t control every illogical action in their day. They are there figuring it out, playing, grabbing life, learning and discovering. Society likes having order…and of course some is needed. But a law has never been put in place saying we should sit on a couch and flip channels. That is our own program.

I think dreams aren’t there to do the job of a gypsy with a crystal ball. A person can drive themselves batty reading countless books on what dreams mean.

Maybe dreams mean that our inner child is alive. Like the child, it has good days, bad days, bouts of fit and frustration, sadness, fear. Sometimes they need us to be involved, sometimes they need to be left alone to play.

I am starting to think the disconnect between my dreams and reality is my unwillingness to play. Some people will suggest lucid dreaming etc where you can actually involve yourself in the dream. Well, this is all good and fine…but what if your days are still mundane and completely boring compared to your dreams? Are we so busy looking for some of our life to be exciting to offset the bland times? Should we continue taking drugs, go through hypnosis and drink ourselves into a state of ecstasy at night to make our dreams really super interactive? Doesn’t this newly found rainbow at night only bring darker clouds to the day?

What if like the playful child, we actually took our shoes off during the day and ran through mud? What if while raking the leaves, we made a big pile and jumped into it from a tall tree? What if we put on a snowsuit and made snow angels?

My point (and I do have one…lol) is there has to be a way that we can make our days MORE exciting and MORE enjoyable than our dreams. Exciting dreams and fantasies can be super fun. But waking up to a brown room can take the wind out of our sails. For me, I used to like my dreams more than my days. That can be dangerous. It can throw you back into bed again.

Maybe we don’t want our days as exciting as our dreams. But certainly we can strive to make them more enjoyable.

I am working towards alleviating my soul a bit so it won’t be so confused while writing our book and maybe then I can partner with it instead of giving it all the work.

I do like that it’s just another way our inner child is calling us to the spirit of play.

Painting my own stars on my ceiling …and writing my own story in the dirt,
Karen :)

“People do think that if they avoid the truth, it might change to something better before they have to hear it.” ~Marsha Norman


  1. I love the way you approach this with a child's view. What dreams mean has all too often been made into such a very serious and mysterious problem. However, I consider that everyone should love life and love living. Seriousness needs to take a back seat. What you consider the meaning of your dreams to be is not written in stone somewhere - and next week, you could have a completely different explanation (like it was too much anchovy pizza late at night ;)
    So, be yourself and be true to yourself. Have fun dreaming as you do during your waking dreams.