Who is Your Biggest Distraction?

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I should do a ‘creepy email of the week’ blog. I really do consider myself quite fortunate that with the amount of people I meet online that I have had few run-ins. Most of the bad exchanges have happened because someone wanted to get too close. Apparently, if I talk about personal issues, that means I am looking for people to have personal, intimate relationships with. I do understand people are lonely out there and I am more than happy to keep doing these blogs. I love they can help, but let’s all be a ‘community’ of friends. I don’t need a Hilary Duff situation on my hands here.

There are emails I delete straight away because I know if I respond, they will take it like a yes to a marriage proposal. I can usually spot the ones where they are just too unbalanced for me in that stalker-ish creepy way. If you are listening out there; STOP BEING CREEPY! Consider your emails!!

Let me read part of this one;

“Karen, I try to work today, but you were distracting me. I couldn’t get you out of my mind. I feel like we’ve known each other for a such a short while, but I think we know each other forever. I miss you all the time.”

I feel like if this was pre-computer days, that message would be letters cut out from newspaper. lol

Ok, spelling and grammar aside, here is the problem. I have absolutely no idea who this person is. I don’t recognize the name, profile or anything. I am assuming he feels like he knows me by watching my blogs. Somewhere along the line, he feels like we know each other. He also used the word ‘distracting’. I was distracting him from work.
Ok this is someone I would say is confused. He clearly has been dreaming up some bizarre scenario. I am very sad you feel distracted, but I am not participating in the relationship you think we have. I am flattered I am on your mind, but I hope you do not lose your job! You have work to do!

That is an example of an extreme case of distraction. But infatuation in the real world has been distracting for many of us. I think any of us who are the romantic types can easily be sucked into a state of day-dreaming about someone. It’s fine to have someone on your mind, but you may recall me saying in a previous blog that my crushes in public school would affect my grades. This is happening to people who are in relationships, who want to be in relationships or trying to get out of relationships. It’s difficult to get any work done in life when someone is too much of a distraction to us.
Some people make themselves your distraction by distracting you and others are simply fantasies we repeatedly play out.

High school is a rough time for people to try and hunker down and get work done. The office can be bad too though. The internet can cause all sorts of distractions. Maybe game sites and gossip columns are stealing our time.

I don’t really have a problem with people choosing their entertainment, but when your work and bills or career is sliding because your distractions are taking over, it’s time to identify them and put them in their place.

If you were to ask most people what they would wish for, it would be ‘to be in love’. But here’s the thing about love. As much fun as it would be to dream about a house together in the country, the reality is if we don’t get focused on cleaning up our lives like I mentioned yesterday, we will be living in a cardboard box with them in an alley.
This happens to young couples who are hurled into early parenthood or get married too soon. The honeymoon goes sour because now that they have each other firmly in their grasp, they face the disappointment of their career and surroundings. Instead of focusing on going back to school or working hard at their job, their eyes go wandering to the next person who can distract them.

I think the key here is to make ourselves our biggest distraction. I don’t believe we are any more important than anyone else around us but I don’t believe we can work and function at 100% unless we focus on improving ourselves.

The sad part of it all is that we feel lonely. I understand that the whole point of 7 billion people is so nobody has to be alone. If we were meant to be alone, I would be on the planet by myself.

I just think if everyone started to make the betterment of ourselves a priority over consuming everything around us, we’d be in a good position to offer something really special to those potential partners.

I hope my little stalker can get back to work. This is how the unemployment rate rises. ;)

Cutting down on my youtube puppy-watching time…. NO WAY!!!!
Karen :)

“You can always find a distraction if you're looking for one.” ~Tom Kite

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