Last Night’s Silly Dream

Many of you who have read these blogs back far enough probably know my love for ‘The Sound of Music’. As kids, this movie was in our annual rotation along with Christmas classics but since then I have it on DVD and put it in on those really crucial days where I need to have my spirit picked up. I have several films, CDs and books that have specific tasks whether it’s healing, teaching or just to serve as mindless entertainment. Art heals…Laughter heals…Music heals…

In my dream last night, Frank and I were walking out of a downtown building in some unfamiliar city. There was a lot of hustle and bustle but everyone was a modern-day zombie. (not the kind that eat you in movies, but the kind in suits just going to work sucking Java) The energy of this city was really low and we all walked around with a direct destination but none of us knowing where that was. I remember seeing a car slam on the breaks so as not to hit a pedestrian and the pedestrian barely noticed, lifted his coffee to his mouth and continued onward.

As we were walking down a sidewalk, I saw two of my friends from Canada going the way we just came from. We caught their eyes which seemed to be dragging along the cement and I said, "Lunch?" and my girlfriend says, "Fuck ya." They turned and walked in our direction as though they made a big decision to play hooky and were pretty pleased with themselves. lol

As we walked along, her boyfriend walked ahead with Frank and I heard them talking about studio equipment, some old speaker they found at a garage sale and restringing guitars with locking tuners. I turned to my friend and said, "Gosh, I don’t know that I have ever seen you so sad." "Sadness was a while back," she said. I placed my hand on the top of her chest as we walked and said, "Yup, it’s beating but barely." Her analogy was, "Maybe I am reading too much, thinking too much and not feeling very much."

Well this is where dreams don’t make sense. There’s an actor on TV who plays Jacob on Lost and was also in the Dexter TV series walking along and I said, "Hey aren’t you the guy who sings those healing songs?" and my friend just started to giggle. He replied, "I’m an actor on TV." To make a long dream short, I talked him into singing something for her. He pulled a song out of thin air that didn’t make a lot of sense, kind of gibberish... It was a cross between something you’d hear on Sesame Street and something you’d hear on a TV commercial or opening theme for an 80s show. I wish I could remember it because I knew it and sang along with it in my dream, but it made her laugh hysterically. If it ever comes to me, I’ll post it up. I feel like it was close to the Laverne and Shirley theme. That’s the closest feeling I could tell you.

After much annoyance, he left and we sat by a city fountain. She cried uncontrollably, we talked, we hugged each other and then I said, "Come on, let’s catch up with the boys." And we did that kind of Laverne and Shirley dance arm in arm, skipping like a couple of dumbasses and people stopped to stare.

Well listen, I dream all sorts of things that don’t make sense but I felt like as bizarre as this was, I woke up this morning feeling like we can actually get through this cruddy life, ya know? I also realized how much I missed my friends and how much of a loner I have become in the city.

But above all, it’s once again music, silliness and friendship that came to the rescue! Every freaking time! I think life has become so junky, we forget how much power is in that!

It would seem that this assisted my friend, right? But it was a dream…so the healing wasn’t hers but mine. ;)

Hope that whatever has you down, you can immerse yourself in music, silliness and friendship and feel a whole lot better about it all.

And for all of you L & S fans; (HA!)

Have a corny day y’all!
Karen :)

"There is nothing we won’t try…never heard the word impossible…this time there’s no stopping us!" hahahaha!

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