Waking Up is Hard

"We could hardly wait to get up in the morning." ~Wilbur Wright

I saw that quote by Wilbur who is one of the Wright Brothers. I am really just assuming he meant when they were working on airplane-related activities. While I understand the Wright Brothers history, I can’t say that I have read a whole biography on them, but I am always tempted to read something when someone says they could hardly wait to get up in the morning. That is, if they are talking about anything besides Christmas morning. So, I shall have to see why their attitude was so grand!

I am reminded today about the Daylight Savings Time which I always like to say I observe, then quickly ignore. lol But in school days and holding my 7- ? jobs, (I don’t know that I ever did a 9-5) having the clock go forward was horrific. Monday morning would kick everyone’s butt. Back in the days when I used to go to sleep at 9 pm and get up at 5 am were probably when I felt the best, but this is also scientific. When you sleep in a pitch black room, your body builds up something called melatonin (antioxidant features as well) which is what controls your sleep cycles, (you can look up how light affects the circadian rhythm etc) so it would stand to reason that sleeping from 9 until 5 am in complete blackness was good for me. Like most things in nature, nothing is by accident and when we break natural cycles by staying up until 3 or sleeping in light rooms, we can’t properly build it. Caffeine no matter what time of day it’s consumed can affect different people’s sleep that night too, so I cut it out and go with B12 instead. (oh as a side note, adding Chocolate Silk Soymilk to my diet has worked WONDERS for energy- I recommend it if caffeine is not an option for you where it just makes you jittery)

I used to wake up at 5 am and get baking done, bookwork done and feel excited, prepared and ready for my day. When everything changed for me was when I started jumping up my 9 pm bedtime to 11, then 12, then 2 and so on. Now I wonder why I still get up at an insanely early hour but feel kind of crappy. I don’t feel completely discouraged though, because when I do go to bed, I sleep whereas I never used to. I feel like I have graduated from taking worry to bed with me since writing my lists at bedtime every night and leaving them in the living room. The trick for me and my hope is to maybe not get back to 9 pm again, but inch my way closer to it. I know we all have a lot to do in a day, but I think many of us are still not feeling like we are accomplishing what we need to so why not try and get a good night’s sleep and work smarter, feeling better during the day?

That sidestep aside, I believe what was making Wilbur Wright enthusiastic about getting up in the morning was his passion for what he was working on. But here’s the thing; I am pretty sure this invention didn’t pay their bills while working on it, so it must have still presented challenges.

We can’t always be excited about the work that is waiting for us, but we can make the best of it. I was talking to a lady who bakes new treats for co-workers on Sunday and takes them to work on Monday. She says it adds a nice Zen to her Monday morning. She basically is unable to change her job right now, but she changed her attitude towards Monday mornings by making others smile and she looks forward to their reaction. I thought that approach was rather cool.

I’m still working on organizing my life so I am eventually not up at all hours, but I am really learning to find joy in whatever is happening on any given day knowing I can maybe be of assistance to someone who needs me and I think that in itself should be cause for at least some enthusiasm in the morning.

But don’t think my passions for what I enjoy doing don’t creatively run as deep as the Wright Brothers. I may not be building airplanes, but music IS my best reason to get up in the morning.

I hope you are continuing to build relationships with the people and things that give you a reason to be and that waking up isn’t too hard on you!
(oh and STILL hunting for the best pillow…my $12 one from ‘Bed, Bath and Beyond’ remains the best I have found…I’ve spent so much on every single other one on the market; barley, memory foam, you name it)

ROCK ON my friends…
Karen :)

"Passion rebuilds the world for the youth. It makes all things alive and significant." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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