Overworked & Overwhelmed

For about 3 months, I have been practicing breathing. It’s funny to hear myself say it or in this case type it because breathing is supposed to be one of the body’s involuntary movements to a large extent. But in my two decade quest to ditch my migraines, I’ve been thinking that maybe my brain isn’t getting enough oxygen. If you are cooped up in the city or in studios, the air gets really stale. The other thing I have been trying to do is relax my face. I have actually seen the crease between my brows go away. I’m getting some other lines, but I don’t care about that. The brow crease just looks like you are frowning all the time. I have been holding a lot of tension over the years. I used to notice I would clench both fists when in an argument even though I wouldn’t hit, I would furrow my brow, tighten my jaw and forget to breathe. I would catch myself holding my breath! I also have been teaching myself to relax my shoulders as I was carrying them somewhere up along my jaw line if that’s possible. HA!

It seems everything going on around me is in a whirlwind of time-slaughtering. You know, people wake up in the morning and think, how can I intensify every waking moment with work and tension. I enjoy sitting down to write just like this because it makes me breathe, relax and gather my thoughts.

I never want to come off as one of those people who says, "Stop to smell the roses" to someone who is behind on rent and racing to catch up or running their child off to the doctors. There are things in our day that simply make us move much faster. But I’m trying to learn the word efficiency. I catch myself sometimes going half a day and then it hits me, "Have I eaten today?" That’s generally when you stand up and you see spots.

I am beginning to really grasp the concept of taking a break. Those of us who have been trying to play catch up all our lives don’t believe in it. We think we screwed up so badly that we don’t deserve a break. But my mind is very creative and so I require some small stops in the day to regroup. I have found out that by taking a quick shower, even looking at youtube cartoons and puppies/kitties I work better after. I don’t believe ten minutes of tea time ever made anyone miss a mortgage payment and I think with us all having had such overwhelming times, we need to calm down a tad! I have been really good at being quite calm and efficient for a while now, but when you get those really tense, nervous workaholics around you, there is the danger of getting their affliction. Nervous energy is not-productive. If you take a step back, you’ll see you aren’t farther ahead by freaking out! If I stop for a walk or shower, I am able to do twice the work after.

I also find that instead of baby-sitting people, I’m letting the little things go. Micro-managing is a disease…one I am GLAD to be getting over! ;)

I do hope whatever is overwhelming you; it’s able to be at least cut in half by not sweating the small stuff within it. It’s not worth the stress and tension to your temple.

Much love!
Karen :)

"We often hear of people breaking down from overwork, but in nine out of ten they are really suffering from worry or anxiety." ~John Lubbock

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