The Biggest Jerk I’ve ever met had Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes

I just returned home from grabbing a Jamba Juice at the West Hollywood Gateway. I noticed there was some picketing going on so I went over to ask what was going on. It was a boycott against Target.

There always seems to be labor disputes of some kind going on around that corner. It’s a busy traffic section and so you get lots of eyeballs. This however was boycotting Target for some of their dollars going towards a political candidate who supports anti-gay something or other. I don’t honestly have all the facts, but the two men I spoke with (I am pretty sure were gay or supporters) were very articulate and factual, nothing hate-based in the way they spoke to me and I appreciated them remaining calm while they stated their cause. I hate when people get all feisty with picket signs. It’s like mosquitoes buzzing around my head. I end up more annoyed by them and miss anything substantial. A person who blatantly yells opinion at me doesn’t get my ear. People who are loving and inclusive do. If you are angry with a sign, I tend to equate it with your inability to be articulate. It doesn’t mean you can’t go exercise your freedom to do so, but just know…I won’t care very much and I kind of think it will be ineffective in most cases. Just string a couple sentences together, will ya? ;)

For the record, I can’t vote here because I am a Canadian and I hate talking politics, so I am not even going to go there. While I appreciate everyone’s political opinion is their own freedom, I won’t engage in it because it is a topic that I have never seen end well…and for that matter, it never ends at all. Can you say BORING? (by the way, I said BORING, not unimportant…BORING) Plus, as I have said before, it eats up valuable time when I can be making music. (and hanging with friends…YOU GUYS!) :)

I have talked before about the word ‘anti’ and my distaste for it. I wish more people would be FOR something than AGAINST. (I know, AGAINST abuse, AGAINST cruelty…yes yes, I get it) I just like people to be happy and considerate, that’s all.

What really bothers me is how throughout history we have to dispense ANY energy to being AGAINST people. Black people, Chinese People, Gay People, Straight People, Politicians…NOBODY to me should be derogatorily lumped in a group. I think what happens is one person in any of those groups will upset us and then it affects the whole group. If the guy who raped you is Black, you might be a little weird around Black People. If the annoying guy who lived next door to you happens to be gay, you might find yourself stereotyping the whole group. Then there is the passive-aggressive, "I don't hate them, I hate their lifestyle."

Well, my best friend (for the last 10+ years) is gay and you will never find anyone more gentle, loving and considerate than him. He’d sooner lock himself away from the world than partying at some bar on Saturday night like many people seem to think that community does all night long. He finds it depressing to not be able to find his soul mate. He didn't 'choose' it contrary to popular belief. It’s simply who he is. He's not going to 'become' straight. I love him so dearly and he’s saved my life on so many occasions.

For me, my teenage years were ruined by my Mother’s boyfriend. He was in his 50’s. He went to church. He helped everyone in town with their house repairs, dragged cars out of ditches in the winter, opened doors for strangers, helped little old ladies across the street.

He is white, has blonde hair and blue eyes. He hates anybody who isn’t. Black people are thieves to him, Chinese people are crooked in his eyes. He said Muslims are from the devil. Gay people are CONSTANTLY coming on to him (how freaking delusional) He thinks the government has stolen all his tax dollars…but man…that guy loved going up the skirts and down the tops of underage girls like nothing else!

If I learned no other lesson from him throughout the sexual abuse, it’s that I will never EVER lump anyone into a category. If you are a jerk, you’ve earned that title all by your little lonesome.

I can hardly wait until we have a day where all this hate is in our history books. But more so, I don't like when people try to control each other. Let people screw up their lives if that is what you think they are doing. While you are sitting depressed in your armchair, an entire community didn't do that to you. It's probably a good idea to refocus where our problems are really coming from. They are usually inside of us.

The saddest part though is that we have an epidemic of people who have been so hurt that they don’t know any better than to lump a whole group of people. I therefore am not completely annoyed at them. It’s just a bad virus spreading throughout our generations. Some people are taught to hate, some people were pushed to hate and some people simply need to explore the world outside of their hometown.

Don’t be one of the jerks, can you do that for me? Can ya? Can ya? Lol

MUCH love on ya!
Karen :)

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” ~M.L.K. Jr.

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  1. Got it Karen, I won't be a jerk, nor a blonde with blue eyes :) A hug to you, and be happy! :3