Are You an Easy Target?

Someone had responded to part of the blog, ‘How Can We Simplify the Message?’ by saying, “Karen, staying open makes you an easy target.”

The problem with that statement is I didn’t say ‘Standing out in the open’, I said I was staying open; big difference. I didn’t say I was going to walk onto the highway at rush-hour. This is what happens when we are used to hooking on to catch-phrases in the English language without giving much regard for their meaning. If a saying is popular enough (like the title to this blog….lol) we just go ahead and run with it. It’s kind of like me mentioning before, ‘If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.’ That phrase is actually not true, it’s just cool and catchy. If I don’t stand for something, there could be a million reasons why I don’t. It doesn’t mean I am going to fall for anything that comes my way. Catch phrases like that are designed to manipulate and control and keep everyone in the same state of thinking.

‘Are You an Easy Target?’ is another one. The statement I was given, “Karen, staying open makes you an easy target.” Is just something people say to one another. There isn’t much thought put into MY scenario when someone says it, they are only thinking about THEIR experience or simply just saying something that sounds wise but actually doesn’t apply.

We have sayings, rules, quotes and laws which dictate just about everything. Some are good, some are questionable but I try not to generalize anything or anyone by throwing a statement at them which doesn’t apply to them.

So back to the phrase “Karen, staying open makes you an easy target.” Well first of all, it actually doesn’t but in my usual philosophical need to break things down in the hopes of coming to a greater understanding, let me run with where I think this person was headed.

With the exception of having no regard for what I said in the first place, and messing up the original saying by regurgitating something he heard (I am thinking what he really meant was staying out in the open) I’m going to just take the phrase he said at face value. What I am essentially going to do is ‘stay open to what he is telling me’ which if it goes horribly wrong, he’s going to prove his own phrase to be correct. ;)

Staying open makes me an easy target; I see this as the idea that if I keep my mind free of all stubborn-headed, possibly arrogant indoctrination I have learned before and keep my eyes open and my ears alert I will somehow be blown to bits by sniper rifles from a tall building.

Now, perhaps this is a person who has been burned before and has tried to stay open to hearing what people had to say. Therefore, he was issuing me a warning so that I wouldn’t get burned too. That was thoughtful! Lol

The thing is this; Listening doesn’t burn you. Letting someone speak and have their turn doesn’t burn you. Considering what a person has to say doesn’t burn you. Running with someone else’s idea could burn you, but couldn’t it also be fun?

The blog he was referring to was ‘How Can We Simplify the Message’ where I was saying I was open to hearing everyone’s beliefs but don’t necessarily agree. I went on to say how I was exploring some bits of wisdom from animals. I wasn’t jumping into full-on Shamanism, I was simply exploring and having fun in doing so.

I believe when we stay open to what people are saying, there’s really not much chance of being a target. You might become a target if you blindly go along with what they say, but then the saying should be ‘Going along blindly with what someone says makes you an easy target’…not as catchy…a bit wordy.

What I find staying open does is two things; it makes you seem cooler than you maybe are…hahahaha and it can be a lot of fun.

Some people do consider themselves an easy target meaning they think they are too soft or too gullible. But I love those traits more than their opposites. The world could stand a bit more softness in my opinion.

I talk a lot about words that have been hijacked but what about words that have been lost like ‘fun’? Can’t we visit another country and enjoy the culture? The problem is, we don’t want someone’s differences coming here. It’s completely bizarre to me but above all, we are missing out on the joys of staying open and learning something new. We don’t even have to make it our new religion or belief, we can simply listen and enjoy!

Boy oh boy, what ever happened to laughter? I could choose to get paranoid about someone thinking I am practicing Shamanism and just talk all day about how wrong it is or I can just grab the topic, have some fun with it, laugh at the animals and all their wisdom and go enjoy some tea. It doesn’t have to be so serious. But above all else, I don’t ever think I have it all figured out so why wouldn’t I stay open?

Staying open has contributed healthy things to my character and made me less grouchy. Ever notice how many people get grouchy about their beliefs? Even though I try and stay open to someone grouchy and angry telling me how awesome their belief system is, I’m not going to laugh, have fun or learn as much…that’s for sure. I think staying closed-minded or locked away isn’t progression of our character either. Most people end up depressed that way and what kind of life-style is that?

But yes, standing out in the open highway at rush hour isn’t very smart, I agree. But seriously, did someone think I was going to do that? ;)

You know when I said everyone should cut each other some slack, I should also add, ‘This is life! LIGHTEN UP!!!’

Rant transmission ended…will return to our regularly-scheduled loving channel momentarily. Heehee

Karen :)

People are very open-minded about new things - as long as they're exactly like the old ones.” ~Charles Kettering

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  1. I really liked the v/blog about what we can learn from animals! Most people should read it until they "REALLY" understand it!
    Animals can teach us how to learn new things, be tolerant, enjoy life, run with scissors and smell or eat the roses! It is up to us to make a choice and then take responsibility for our actions.