How Can We Simplify the Message?

In my thinking that everyone’s belief system is their own and that every single faith and belief out there is possible because of our gift of choice (which I believe is the best gift we have ever been given), I have learned to be very tolerant of what people believe. I don’t consider this political correctness; rather I love people enough to let them choose. After all, we are free to live and free to make our own choices. Allowing someone to believe what they want is my way of showing love. I don’t argue beliefs because an argument to me is not loving.

Now, I do have fun reading about different philosophies in various cultures and I have decided most wisdom still comes from animals. ;)

This was from a link that was passed around; (I just grabbed 3 animals I am familiar with. My thoughts are in brackets)

Dog's Wisdom Includes:

  • Heals emotional wounds in humans (How can we learn to do that?)
  • Understanding of the duality of doubt and faith (They encompass balance here)
  • Companionship (They simply love to be around us, if we would notice them more, we could learn how loving they are)
  • Unquestioned loyalty (To a fault, but it keeps their character strong and true)
  • Love (Dogs not only love us, but they know what the purity of love is)
  • Knowledge of all things sensual (their sense of anything physical is dead on)
  • Protection (Not only know when to go into protection mode but will protect their humans to the death…even other animals)
  • Ability to smell trouble from a distance (How can I gain this skill? It might be their greatest attribute!)

Domestic Cat's Wisdom Includes:

  • Independence (While they seem unbalanced in this respect, cats who are separated from each other bounce back easily whereas dogs long for their partners for a long time)
  • Seeing the unseen (Night Vision! I want that! Have you ever seen your kitty stare at something and you look at the same location and there is nothing there? They even spot specks of lint on the floor that we don’t notice and they will patrol the area around it!)
  • Protection (I would say they have the ability to protect the greater area. These two kitties in the parking lot have kept it for years now)
  • Love (When it’s time to love, they love with their whole heart. They maybe don’t love as often as dogs, but when they do, it’s like they are trying to crawl under your skin…SO much affection)
  • Allows us to dream its dreams (This could be a topic all on its own with many interpretations, but I like the idea that it shows us things we may not have seen before)
  • Assists in meditation (I have entered other realms just by petting a cat one thousand times…it’s like magic…lol)
  • Ability to fight when cornered (I don’t like fighting, but I do admire their fearless nature)

Horse/Pony/Mustang's Wisdom Includes:

  • Power (When I lived on the farm, we would brush the horses down and I was always in awe of how their muscles were laid out so intricately. I have always been humbled by their power. I also love that their power is to be admired, not feared. It’s a good lesson in proper leadership)
  • Stamina (I also like that their emotions don’t interfere with their drive)
  • Endurance (Maybe it’s their vegetarian diet…lol)
  • Faithfulness (You would think that breaking them would be harder based on how they could just trample us anytime they want. It’s pretty cool that they will wait for us)
  • Freedom to run free (Can you imagine being set down in the forest to live? Most of us would hide, they will run full steam)
  • Control of the environment (That seems like a Jedi trick)
  • Awareness of power achieved with true cooperation (Ever seen a stampede of horses?)
  • Interspecies communication (How can we learn to communicate with people who are not like us and don’t speak the language? Maybe it means simplifying the message)
  • Expanding one’s own potential abilities (For any of you who have worked, trained or shown horses, you will totally understand this one)
  • Friendship and Cooperation (And done peacefully)
  • Travel
  • Astral travel
  • Guardian of travelers (all the travel attributes they have, certainly have shown me to be fearless in exploring and maintaining stamina throughout)
  • Warns of possible danger ( I often wonder how they are able to sense the things they do)
  • Guide to overcoming obstacles (I was thinking of when our horses used to jump. Have you ever watched them run right up to something, assess and turn and go try again and again? They know when to bail, but they don’t give up)

Overall, my favorite thing that animals teach us is to simplify our message to each other making everything less complicated. They manage to survive many years with some basic communication skills. They seem to have a message of community, protecting it, enjoying it and showing lots of love and friendship. Why can’t we figure this out? Aren’t we supposed to be the dominate species? (chuckles)

I can’t believe it didn’t mention napping…who better to help you rest than them?

Karen :)

“The best thing about animals is that they don't talk much.” ~Thornton Wilder

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  1. Of course I love this vlog/blog!!
    You have so successfully show-cased the attributes of 3 animal-species and how we could benefit from their abilities and strengths in our own human struggles!
    I don't think the message could be any simpler!