Are Your Emotions Making You Inactive?

You may have remember me mentioning how our friend Anja who owns the Border Collie named Panda got involved in the rescue of two other Collies. She along with many other people saved the dogs from being euthanized pretty much on the day they were set to be destroyed.

Anja shared with me how hard it was on her being a Border Collie owner herself. It’s so easy for our emotions to take over.

One of my friends on FB, Missy is the owner of two cats; Ape & Monkey who need homes by the end of this month. I know these kitties because I sent them a CD before. It’s funny how I mentioned Panda the Border Collie having a photo with a signed CD. Lol

These gorgeous kitty sisters live in Ohio. Their names are Ape & Monkey. Ape looks a lot like my Filthy cat but looks a lot like Teresa Clayton’s cat named Romeo! So, needless to say, I can get emotionally wrapped up in the welfare of any of these pets I have come to know.

Missy told me that Ape and Monkey are good girls who need a home due to losing theirs. This is a reality in America especially where people are overwhelmed at losing their own homes and so unfortunately the sad reality is that when you are trying to survive yourself, and you are losing everything, pets have to go to new homes. It’s extremely gut-wrenching for all of us who have a heavy heart for people and animals.

Having a heavy and compassionate heart has been a burden for me and it is for most sympathetic people. The problem is that while our emotions are indicative of our level of compassion, they can be both a burden and a hurdle.

Over the years my emotions have caused me to lose sleep. Most people don’t lie in bed and think of solutions for their problems, we tend to stew over them. It’s extraordinarily sad to think someone is losing their home and that animals need homes, but I have found my own emotions have stood in my way.

I have learned to like the quote, ‘Action is the antidote to despair.’ When our minds wander in hundreds of directions, we feel both overwhelmed by emotion and tired because of it. Then we render ourselves completely useless in finding a solution. When I feel my mind wander too much, I go back to my list and the task that is in front of me. I have managed to make my sleep sacred over the years now because I make a list, a game-plan and leave my list away from my bedroom. If I am faced with dilemmas, I look for viable solutions now rather than allowing my shaky emotions to make decisions.

Compassion is not a bad thing. I am very unwilling to give it up. It can initiate a lot of good and cause people to move towards action. Overwhelming sadness however doesn’t really accomplish anything except for debilitating us.

Many people are going through this because of lost jobs, lost homes, lost pets and many other things they have to surrender. We can throw ourselves into a tail-spin when ranting about who did it to us, or we can take matters into our own hands and figure out the solution to the problem. I believe we can’t wait for someone to knock on our door and offer a job, money or homes for our pets. I am not suggesting people aren’t doing enough, I am only saying that sadness while very real, doesn’t really pay the bills. Of course these are very sad things I am talking about here. If you feel compassion or sadness, bless your heart! You are alive! But those emotions should only be the key in the ignition. They don’t provide the gas and money for car repairs.

I am personally learning to be more decisive now and more pro-active. The two things I don’t allow to drive my car is angry outbursts and tears. I can get those emotions out quickly if needed, but they don’t hold the power to make real change happen.

I have compassion for people indeed, but I have a very soft spot for children and animals. Hearing any of these stories can rip my heart out if I allow them to. Now, I just resolve to do what I can and I don’t own anyone’s problems. However, I don’t get too angry with pet owners because for one, that anger does nothing and two; it might not be their fault that things got so out-of-control.

I also find omitting the emotion makes room for action and makes helping someone pretty easy. I can be more helpful to more people if I detach the emotion a bit and insert action. I never realized how many years I wasted from simply being too sad about everything. Now I don’t find being helpful as much of a burden.

Funny how I am seeing Filthy’s spirit everywhere, wonder if he’s the guy behind the curtain,

Karen :)

“The individual is capable of both great compassion and great indifference. He has it within his means to nourish the former and outgrow the latter.” ~Norman Cousins

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