One Day without a Mirror

Have you ever gone on vacation and packed way too much stuff? I was talking to a friend who was heading to an island for a tropical holiday and she was saying how she had double the stuff her husband did. She giggled and said, “They don’t understand how much we require.”

Well, I really question the use of the word ‘require’ in this case. She needed a certain amount of clothes, but then several pairs of shoes, blow dryers, straightening irons, curling irons, rollers, make-up, jewelry, beachwear, many pairs of sunglasses and the list goes on & on.

I have gone away and come home to look in my suitcase which still had the clothes folded the initial way, unused. The idea was that I was going to look magazine front-cover fantastic not just every day, but for each meal and outing of the day. When we take on this mentality on vacation, it’s easy to spend more time in front of the hotel room mirror than experiencing the place we’re visiting!

Women especially use all those items every single day for work, so it seems pretty normal to lug all that along on vacation. Then, how can it be considered a vacation if we are doing the same thing as we just did at home? It’s actually more work, because you have to drag that stuff around airports and on planes, into hotels and be mindful of your passport and travel plans at the same time. It’s no wonder most people need a vacation from their vacation by the time they get home!

I have really looked at the word ‘vacation’ in recent years. I would view a vacation as unplugging completely although working on music isn’t work to me. When I see people texting their friends back home on holidays, it’s a lovely thought, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to get rid of everything that was equated to work and being at home?

Personally, I would rather be at home than be on an island. I am not big on travelling. What I love more than anything in the world is to ponytail my hair and hang out with animals. I like day trips more than week-to-10 day trips. When I went horseback riding in the hills, that was a good getaway. Anytime we have to entertain someone else, it’s hard to call it a vacation.

Everyone’s life and job is different, but what we all have in common is the need to have a breather. Sometimes we need a break from family and sometimes it’s from work.

Have you ever gone shopping all day, especially at Christmas…and you feel physically ill by the time you are done? Some of it happens before we reach the mall (which I am proud to say I didn’t step foot into this season…YAY!)

If you are planning a day to go shopping, you may shower and get dolled up before even leaving the house. That can take 45-1 hour. We have to check ourselves in the car mirrors throughout the day and then at the mall, you have to go to the bathroom to freshen up. The mirror seems to keep reminding us throughout the day to keep up with it. Then of course, every store seems to have full-length mirrors reminding us that our own wardrobe is getting tired.

I only know a handful of people who have recognized that all those mirror moments add up to devour our very precious moments in life. If we actually felt better by checking our arms, stomach, butt and thighs every morning or when putting a new outfit on, I would say; go for it, do it all day long! Unfortunately, the mirror has become an enemy which we seem to enjoy having a codependent relationship with.

Now, I do like the mirror in the case of checking for food stuck in my teeth, but other than that, hair brushing and make-up I keep very practical. When I get dressed, I might check in once every 10 times or so. I came from a family whose matriarch liked to make sure everyone left the house looking like ladies. Mom put curlers in our hair and dressed us up. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with expressing yourself this way, but I am seeing way too many people who are not happy-go-lucky like their attire would have you believe.

If you didn’t have to look in the mirror today, what would you do with yourself? If your nails were cut short, would you pick up an instrument and learn to play? If you didn’t have to do your hair and make-up, could you throw a snowsuit on and go tobogganing with your kids? If you didn’t have to put on heels, could you throw on some hiking boots and grab the dog and go walking? If you didn’t have to wear a skirt, could you jump on a bicycle or motorcycle?

Wouldn’t it be better to have a vacation from the mirrors? I don’t think we have to go back-packing in the wilderness to achieve it.

Hope your Holidays ROCK!

Karen :)

Let us be grateful to the mirror for revealing to us our appearance only.” ~Samuel Butler

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  1. I actually love that you have been able to get to this point! I've let go of so much of the "clutter" in my life. I still look around quite often and think if I had to leave right now, what would I need to take, verses what would I want to take? If I can see myself without it, then it goes out, or goes on the list of things that will have to go out... including the list! Hahaha.

    The mirror thing was never a big issue for me, until I was first diagnosed with lupus. Then it became an issue, because I made it one... then I got over it again. ;)

    I check it if I'm already in front of it, but I only seek it out a couple of times a day.