Battlestar Galactica Leadership

This is a continuing thought from my previous, "Endorsing Love" blog...

I really wouldn't consider myself a sci-fi nut. Over the years I have found most of them to be (to quote Mr. Garrison from Southpark) "a little dry and science-y for my taste". My biggest peeve with most of it is the lack of story and lack of characters.

My friend Phil highly recommended the Battlestar Galactica series and because I watch shows via Netflix, I am caught up to the end of Season 3 now as well as watching Razor(the TV movie that accompanied it). I must admit, the beginning of it had me thinking, "Oh great there's the bleach blonde, sex sells" but as promised by Phil, her character took on many variations that had me very intrigued as it went.

Without discussing a show that perhaps many of you haven't seen, I was struck by the writers' ability to weave in dozens of metaphors in a strategic way that had me thinking about everything from religion to politics. In a nutshell, I would say this show brilliantly illustrated the difference between compassion and arrogance as a general leadership approach. So as not to spoil it for you in the event you haven't seen it yet, let me just say there was a stark difference between the two major leaders who made contrasting split-second decisions in similar incidences.

I've touched on the topic of compassion before and how there isn't enough of it. Many people will excuse their arrogance in all areas of life, relationships, politics, religion etc by suggesting "principal" "patriotism", "doctrine". Why must so many cite their reason for showing less love and compassion as "I am right"?

It's no wonder I have been such a shut-in for so long. It seems that every time I leave my place, I encounter it. Just this week I had a social evening where someone I just met was very adamant on their religious argument and then their political stance. Another person in the room strongly disagreed. There were ruffled feathers and I was placed in the middle with feeling like I was supposed to side with one or the other. I basically on the spot made a quick decision to not engage completely. The reason wasn't because I was spineless or lacked my own belief or integrity, but because it wasn't worth it. "But Karen what you believe IS worth it! Make your voice HEARD! Stand up on PRINCIPAL!" These statements really bug me. The world doesn't require one more voice spouting off words that gravity won't hold down.

I had an opportunity to introduce myself to new people and make friends. Well, I gotta be honest, I have become fairly picky in my old age about who I hang out with, but this is not to say I am not interested in the chance to assist someone who needs my help. In some cases, I am thrilled if I leave somewhere and I simply represented my character appropriately.

While I have no issues with holding integrity, having principal or making one's voice heard (heck I ramble on here a lot...lol) my problem with it is when those things outrank a person's choice to show more love and compassion. If a person really believes their religion is better, I'd rather them SHOW ME, not TELL ME. If their political stance is better, I'd like to see it in their LIFESTYLE. I am pretty sure that by now I have heard every argument anyone could possibly give (seeing as I have been around for awhile now and there is nothing new under the sun...lol) and unless their character is on an equal playing field, it's not going to sink in for me. One of the people at this function had a personality which turned me off long before I ever heard their position on politics and religion, so the bottom line is their argument didn't hold much water for me. Some people manage to accidentally have good ideas and a poor character but that is more the exception to the rule.

This doesn't mean that I don't screw up. Many people could poke all sorts of holes in how my words don't match the character I am portraying. But I am reminding myself daily to at least make an attempt to represent my thoughts through my actions.

This is what I admire about a few of the people who were leaders on the Battlestar Galactica series. I didn't focus on their screw-ups, I was watching for their motivations. It's not enough for me to admire someone's principal or their integrity. People walk around spewing off about that all day long. The fact that some people have the ability to speak respectfully and consider compassion as their first option above being patriotic or sticking to their doctrine is inspiring to me.

And when a person is able to consistently show compassion AND hold their integrity? That is pretty much superhuman these days. In looking over my own life, I have managed to do one or the other in certain places, but doing them at the same time and consistently is the challenge!
Will keep working on it. lol

Wondering why the Battlestar wants to find Earth... (I'd personally like to find the Battlestar)


"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." ~John Quincy Adams

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