How Freeing is Your Freedom of Speech?

I’m full of questions today.

I understand we like the right to our opinions. It’s partially why I don’t tend to delete comments based on a person’s opinion. Opinions are fantastic. They keep us thinking. So, the end goal in exchanging opinions is to keep us thinking, yes?

Is it at all possible to put the words, “I think” or “I believe” in front of it?

Everyone loves their Freedom of Speech, right? But at what point does the mouth become a weapon? At what point is it ok to be hurtful in order to make your opinion known?

This blog wasn’t inspired by anything that was written in this blog area. I would tell you specifically what it was inspired by, but the problem is that I don’t mean to inspire a conversation about what I was inspired by for fear it becomes a ‘who’s right vs who’s wrong’ debate on that specific topic….LOL! (if that cryptic lingo made any sense)

I’m actually just looking for the answer to, When is the point where a person needs to (in my best Chris Farley voice) SHUT THEIR BIG, FAT YAPPER!!!!?

Is it when you hurt someone’s feelings?Is it when you make someone angry?Is it when you make someone cry?Is it when you drive someone to suicide?Or is the answer, ‘it’s my right to say what I want no matter what’?

‘Cause man, I just don’t think the world is getting any better just based on saying whatever we feel like…especially if you are left with a feeling of negativity after the dung is flung!
I was thinking today about how the hours, minutes and seconds are broken up in the day and how we spend it. I think if we spent more time doing something positive instead of throwing negative statements around, the world actually could become better!!

I dunno, I just wish I saw more people practicing what they preach instead of just preaching.

Did this come off preachy? Hahahaha

Don’t be scared to give your opinion here…lol..I don’t want you abandoning this to go off on a “Save the Planet” Mission just yet. ;)

Love you guys!
Karen :)

“Ok so the truth hurts- but what else does the truth do?” ~Teena Marie

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