Do You Currently Own The World's Best Pillow?

I was struck with an odd thought.

While going through a migraine attack, having a really bad nightmare is a welcome thing...
..because it means you were actually able to get to sleep.

For any of you who suffer from them, you will know exactly what I mean by that. For those who don't, let me assure you they are the world's ugliest beast imaginable. I quite prefer fire-breathing dragons coming to get me in the middle of the night.

Now I understand everyone gets different symptoms, but mine are the kind which have baffled doctors and neurosurgeons for years. They cause flashing lights like you see on police cruisers and squiggly lines followed up by vomiting and some other ugly stuff. It's been over 20 years.

There are even Migraine Institutions clear across the world because they are so bizarre. You could go online with your symptoms and come up with hundreds of "answers".

(and we can put men on the moon? Don't get me started on the common cold)

I am really fortunate that my migraines have corrected themselves as I have become older. I missed a few days a week in my second year of high school, so much happier now. I haven't had one in months and months and months now.

Last night, I was working on some lyrics and the words all started to blur together.(my classic sign) so I immediately went to bed and fell asleep immediately. (this hasn't always happened it the past)It's not often one would come at bedtime, so I was thankful for this. Long story short, I slept straight through but had the most unbelievable nightmares while I slept. I don't think I have had such boogeyman dreams even as a child! LOL And so my thought as I stated initially, I am ever so thankful for these nightmares because they saved me a world of hurt...if you can believe it. I started to look at patches of my life where something super traumatic saved me from something potentially deathly and said a wee thank- you prayer. Now obviously, I would have been more thankful for birds and butterflies in my dreams, but I doubt that is physically possible when I know my head was on fire against my pillow.

WHICH!!! ...brings me to my bigger point. I had a few words with my pillow today. lol
I believe I have single-handedly kept all the pillow companies in business over the years. I fell victim to the "bean" pillows, orthopedic dream-come-trues and have spent hundreds on cheapy pillows to get me through. Maybe my head is not meant to have this relationship with a pillow that I so desperately seek, but I always manage to have some percentage of "crunchy-neck" when I get up. (before you link the migraines to them, I have gone months and years before without them and can get them when I am feeling perfectly fantastic) I simply never feel like I am enjoying my pillow the way the commercials depict. I feel like I am missing out.

So, my question to you is simply, "Do you currently own the World's Best Pillow?" I'd like to hear about it...make, model, size, do you flip it, fluff it, wash it, stack them or beat it pre-bedtime?
I would be ever-so-grateful for your expertise. :)

Off to give mine a good beat down,

"There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast."~Author Unknown


  1. www.theworldsbestpillows.com

    changed my life ;)

  2. My pillow smells like gun-powder still...hahahahhahha...silly read Karen...good points ~You rule..