Learning to Get Along

I have a question. If you were stuck on an island with someone who didn’t think like you do, would you;

1. Put up with them until a ship or plane came to rescue you

2. Use them to help you get off the island, then never speak to them again

3. Try and get along despite your differences because you don’t like confrontation

4. Take it as an opportunity to listen to their thoughts in the hopes that you might learn something new or make a new friend

I have felt all four emotions. So, I understand all of them. I think what is happening in the world today is that not enough people have ever been put in this scenario (literally or metaphorically) so it’s easy to draw a big line between people who think differently, have different beliefs etc.

Very few have been forced into tolerance.But it would make a very good reality show, wouldn’t it? Take two people who don’t see eye to eye, throw them on an island and they can’t leave until they become friends?

Did your parents ever put you and your siblings in a room?"YOU CAN’T COME OUT UNTIL YOU LEARN TO GET ALONG." (Note the term "learn"? Sad that it doesn’t come naturally);)

Much love on ya!
Karen :)

"True wisdom listens more, talks less and can get along with all types of people." ~Kiana Tom

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