Cats, Cats and More Cats!

While going for a walk with a friend, we noticed some stray feral kittens in an old weeded-over parking lot in LA. You unfortunately couldn’t get near them. They were as feral as they come. I guess in a way I am glad they scatter into the darkness when humans are around because for the most part, I think humans can be cruel.

Ok, yes I always try to see the beautiful side of people and I know so many lovely ones, but when I did a search online to see what could be done, I was mortified that in the Los Angeles County alone, there are approx. 4 MILLION stray cats. Is that beyond staggering? It makes you feel like giving up! If you get your calculator out and times that by every city, never mind the outskirts of every city, you got numbers you can’t count up to. Thus, why I often wonder about humans. But I guess change comes from the mirror, right?

I don’t mean to rag on breeders, I totally understand you are trying to make a living. I get it. A lot of money can be made off a batch of kittens or puppies and that can supplement a household nicely. All I am asking is that you remind yourself of these numbers. The dog numbers are out of control too. I am pretty sure that the gov’t will have to do something soon. It’s past the point of just a few animal lovers doing something. I know people who take care of stray animals full-time for very little money and they are worn out. But I do know that there are more than a few animal lovers out there.

All that being said, these hard times give people the opportunity to show their best colors or their worst. Economic struggle can make people angry and rebellious, or it can make them positive and proactive, bonding together in love and family…AND community.
I have owned animals all my life. A dog I got from a breeder cost me thousands of dollars in vet bills. They aren’t any cheaper to look after. I will not use breeders anymore, not because I disagree with someone wanting to offer an awesome breed, but because there are so many fantastic animals that are in massive need and massive numbers. It’s becoming an economic strain too.

If you have the ability to have another pet around, I encourage you to take in a stray for two reasons.

*They need you
*I bet you need them and maybe don’t know it. ;) (case in point, my stray who I lost in June who brought so much to my world that I wasn’t aware of)

If you can’t, please consider helping someone who is taking care of them.

I thought I would post this video again about a woman who found her purpose in being a good steward. I love where she says she was divorced, went out and did the usual dinner/movie stuff but eventually found her calling.

(she needs help by the way, if you can afford to give, please consider…she’s about 4 hours north of LA. The website is cathouseonthekings.com )

Animals are mini spirits who have assisted me in healing my own spirit on so many occasions. I can hardly wait to leave the city and then so many of them are going to get my physical attention. I don’t know that I will have 600, but I’m going to have a lot. :)

Much love on ya!
Karen :)

"The possible is constantly being redefined; and I care deeply about helping humanity move forward." ~Paul Allen

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