Hope; The Silent Killer?

I just rented the ‘Pursuit of Happyness’ (No, they do spell it that way) I can’t believe I hadn’t seen it yet, but when life is busy, I don’t always get a lot of movie viewing time, so good ones fall between the cracks.

I recently saw an interview with the man who Will Smith played in the film. He talked about his life with a son in a shelter leading up to being a successful CEO. Now, please let me say that being a CEO does not equate to be happy, nor should we always be so affixed to chasing dreams all the time, but one part of his interview sat with me. Forgive me for not quoting perfectly, I am remembering it and condensing it. To paraphrase, he basically talked about hope as a positive and hope as a negative.

He mentioned that he didn’t become hopeless while homeless. This is a good thing. It keeps your spirit alive and moving forward. But he said what is happening today in the current climate is that people wake up in the morning and hope for something to either happen (like a stack of money falling on them) or not happen (like hoping they will not lose their job that day) he alluded to this kind of hope being dangerous because hope without action can bring disappointment and stress.

I am of the belief that when we worry, the best thing we can do is do SOMETHING. Doing NOTHING leads to absolutely nothing and then there really can be no hope. (unless you’re the person with a horse-shoe) At least in my own world anyway, if I achieve one small thing in my day, it fuels me the next day. If I have a day where nothing was accomplished, I wake up the following day without hope or at least depleted hope.

But even if hope seems lost, I am evaluating areas of my life and wondering if life has to be one giant accomplishment ALL THE TIME. I do understand that times are tough and children need food and shelter. I don’t believe our stress is that we can’t have a fancy car. I think most families are already living so far below their means that the stress is simply coming from the lack of some necessities. I guess I am just taking this man’s conversation today and thinking he meant to stay busy and not worry so much as worry doesn’t get us anything but an ulcer!

Obviously not to be confused with those who are irresponsible and don’t take initiative. I don’t suggest we be so care-free and lazy. There is a happy medium. ;)

Thinking can get too loud, don’tcha think? Time for focused action.

Much love on ya!
Karen :)

“There is hope for the future because God has a sense of humor and we are funny to God. “ ~Bill Cosby

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