"I Feel Like Nobody Cares"

"I feel like nobody cares"

It’s a statement that I hear a lot and it seems to be harder on people than the situation they are in.

I Googled that phrase today. WOW. It’s in about 7.9 million results. It ranges how it’s worded;

"I feel like nobody cares about me"
"I feel like nobody cares for me"
"I feel like nobody cares that I exist"
"I hate when I feel like nobody cares"
"I am going to die and nobody cares"
"I feel like if I died, nobody would care"
"Why does nobody care?"
"Nobody listens. Nobody cares."
"Why does it seem like nobody cares?"

Well, I am no stranger to this phrase. I’ve felt that way a good portion of my life. I don’t anymore, but forever and a day I did. I’m not going to take the sting out here because I know it hurts and I know it’s real. It’s generally a phrase that pops up in the midst of depression. For me, it popped up in the defeat part of my life.

While some may think of this whole topic as general whining, it’s a real emotion. People aren’t making it up…but I do believe it’s counter-productive. And while I could argue to most people that they do have people in their lives who genuinely care, that isn’t cutting to the core of this problem. This phrase doesn’t spring up as an argumentative debate for us; the phrase is very real in our mind.

"I don’t care about me" ended up being my bigger issue. I realized this because had I cared about me a bit more than I did, I wouldn’t have cared what others thought.

Let’s pretend nobody cares. Let’s say you are in a situation where you are dead-on accurate and nobody cares. Then what? Do you admit defeat? Since when is someone else’s love and admiration for you a prerequisite for you living? This was my revelation. At this very moment in time I am pretty sure lots of people care about me, but as much as that feels nice and being loved is all lovely and stuff, I feel pretty confident that if all the love in the world was taken away, I would feel the normal series of emotions that humans seem to go through, but in this brilliantly orchestrated universe we live in, I am very aware that my attention is better served on being a good steward of the earth and seeking out where I can serve best. In this stressful society, having the added pressure on my brain of whether or not people care is just one more thing I don’t have time for and I simply don’t need.

Practically speaking, I feel more fulfilled while watching an educational documentary than a chick flick. Documentaries feed my brain while the chick flicks paint some twisted ideal of a relationship I don’t think is realistic. I would sooner go to an Art Gallery than a club on Saturday night because I feel my spirit needs more feeding than my ego needs stroked. When I surf the internet, I am looking at videos of amazing animals or searching ancestry and family trees instead of going onto dating sites and chat rooms. I don’t mean to knock those who do, but if your daily intake is not fulfilling, I am simply hoping to illustrate how mine is.

I do want to add that it would be nice if we could learn to care a bit more about the people around us. I still cling to this hope. :)

Perhaps some of you could share the things that you find gratifying in your life…keeping in mind there are millions of people right now who could use this advice.


"A happy woman is one who has no cares at all. A cheerful woman is one who has cares but does not let them get her down." ~Beverly Sills


  1. I like this one~ I agree with you....LOL ~ I am still oking through to find a blog you wrote I wanted to read...LOL MMM still soring my pros and cons.. YOU Rule on blogging ~!

  2. This is really inspiring