The Fountain of Youth

The time between my migraines is definitely growing larger. I am so happy about this because they are vicious beasts. My Gramma said hers tapered off as she got older and same with my Mom. But last night, there was that violently psychedelic aura, bright sparkly lights in the upper left-hand corner of my eye, colored moving water in the lower part. I just loathe them when they come. But like I said I am optimistic that they are becoming less and less frequent, so this is a good thing.

The feeling the next day is much like a hangover without the memories. I don’t have a headache now but there is a residual bruising feeling that eats up my Sunday like a Saturday Night bender would. I managed to get over to Jamba Juice this morning. I thought a wheat grass shot and a smoothie would start my repair process. I have recently discovered upping my Omegas will help with normal headaches so I did and it helped a lot. They have a boost that has it…it’s a great discovery. The migraine itself though, I have figured out is hereditary (I have done the whole keep a diary to see what triggers and it isn’t food, weather or stress levels…they seem more neurological) but the day after headache takes some nutrition and rest to recover from.

So, I am standing in line waiting for my shot and smoothie and I see a book there that had a line on it saying something to the effect of , Become Healthier and Younger. Now not to continuously tote that I managed a Health facility but more to let you know my history…but I was very annoyed by the “younger” portion. Our society has deemed a certain age group to be the ideal and this younger word pops up everywhere from TV ads to magazines to books. Yes part of it is reminiscing about our youth and how happy we were then, but there is too much brainwashing about what is the ultimate or about what is the “prime” of our life.

But you see, when I am going through a migraine, (and maybe you can relate when you have the flu or other beastly illness) I couldn’t care less about superficial thinking. I just want to feel well. Getting sick is a good reminder that looking good and young is no big deal.

My annoyance with these words on this book is that we shouldn’t strive to be younger or even feel younger but feel our best for where we are. I know it sounds like I am being petty, but it’s my experience with hundreds of women who wanted to lose weight that toting youth is damaging. I would have rather this book said, “get more energy” or “live your fullest life”. But it diminishes the purpose of everyone who is above the age of 25 by insinuating they need to get younger. American Idol even has age restrictions on entering a “TALENT” contest. It is NOT about talent when you cut off an age group. Please, call it what it is.

More energy for me is what I am always striving for and I would rather be serious about the health of my insides than the exterior fa├žade. I have no desire to be or even feel younger…but I want to feel my best for where I am now in my life because I believe every age we experience is truly an experience that we should be enjoying and getting the most out of.

I also believe if our goal is to get younger, we are all in for a big ol’ disappointment because so far, you don’t get to go back to how old you were yesterday. ;)

I hope you are enjoying this time in your life!

Karen :)

“I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.” ~ Albert Einstein

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