What Song is Always Stuck in Your Head?

I get told that probably more than any other song off the last STEVER CD, ‘Get Outa My Head’ ends up stuck in their mind. It may be because the title is subliminally making you think it should be stuck there? LOL ;)

But it caused me to think about the songs that are stuck in my head all day long. This will be like a confessional, because some might seem weird or kind of odd.

Orchestral runs of famous composers seem to dominate the better part of my day and that isn’t embarrassing. I also have swarms of ideas coming in at all times that are somewhat more serious. But I thought I would share some that I tend to ‘whistle while I work’. :)

1. African Lion Safari theme song; This was a commercial that is quite specific to those who grew up in Canada, more precisely Southern Ontario. It has a great melodic run in it which transitions into a key change that I quite enjoy 20 years after the fact. HA!

2. Donkey Kong Jr. theme song; (and Donkey Kong for that matter) Nostalgia at its finest. It not only reminds me of competing against my brother in the game growing up, but it’s a silly theme song that just makes you feel like dancing. Heehee!

3. New York, New York; Hands down best Broadway song EVER and especially when done by Liza Minelli. I sing this in my overacting moments of my day when I feel a bit too dramatic for my own good. ;)

4. Readalong Theme song; TV show when I was a kid. Looking back it seems really bad, but really, it’s classic. :)

5. The Muppet Show theme; This may perhaps be the best song ever written.

As far as popular songs go, I would say Black Betty by Ram Jam; I challenge anyone to stay sitting down when that song comes on. LOL!

There are SO many songs I will whistle, but those ones I go to out of habit more than any others and they get more airtime in my mind. I think theme songs are generally written for that purpose. The Farmer in the Dell may top the list for best children’s songs. "Down by the Bay" too. hahahaha

I think I should make a youtube channel for these songs and go to it when I am feeling bad. :)

What song is always in your head? Or do you have one you hate when it gets stuck there? I'm angry anytime I hear something like, "Man, I feel like a Woman" 'cause it's such a piece of trash and yet, there it is stuck until something can replace it. LOL!

Hope your day ROCKS!
Karen :)

"I’m probably writing songs now for the same reason as I did when I was 14 - to meet women."~Billy Joel

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