Pushing My Buttons

Ok, I am not without fault, but I am at a decent point where I "think" I recognize most of them. :) I know I am stubborn, I realize I am testy. I can be dominant, belligerent and sharp-tongued.

And I can be grumpy.

But, you know what can really feed the crankiness? When someone says, "You’re grumpy."

You know, I have never in my life had someone enlighten me on my grumpiness. Like, "Oh wow, are you kidding me? Me? Grumpy? Geeze. Out of all the emotions that soar over the planet, I had NO idea I was grumpy today. Oh thank you EVER so much for letting me know. This is the revelation of the Century!"

And, as you can see…the sarcasm is the next emotion to settle in. lol!Most people are aware of their current emotion…painfully aware in fact. Whether it’s sadness, anger, grumpiness, we generally know WHAT we are. We may not know WHY we are or HOW to get out of it.

"Is there anything I can do for you? Do you need some alone time? Can I get you some chocolate?" (lol) may be a better thing to say to someone who is grumpy.

Everyone seems to have something that irritates them after someone points it out.Do you have an emotion that you wish someone would quit pointing out? And what things do you wish they’d say instead? This doesn’t mean we can control their actions with wishing they’d say something else, but perhaps it would help the folks who live with that particular emotion.

I do want to add that something so small shouldn't add an irritant to our psyche, but…it does. HA!

Off for my walk! Enjoy your day!

Karen :)

"I like long walks…especially when they are taken by people who annoy me."~Fred Allen

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